HomesecurityThe new version of Windows 10 comes with many bugs

The new version of Windows 10 comes with many bugs


Although no one can explain why, every new version of Windows 10, it creates more problems than it solves and unfortunately the new update released on January 29th is no exception.

As found in Windows Latest, many users visited her answer forum Microsoft and mentioned all the different errors that appeared on their computers after installing this update.

Among the problems encountered are slow start times, malfunctioning sound, Bluetooth that doesn't work, BitLocker also doesn't work and its appearance Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

However, one of them users commented that his machine was working well after installing KB4532695 and other recommended updates. So it seems that the problems mentioned may not affect all Windows 10 devices.

Note that KB4532695 is an optional update, meaning that it will not install itself to cause issues with a machine. One user also stated that his system was functioning well after removing and then reinstalling the update from scratch.

By the way, talking about fixes, another interesting piece of information is that KB4532695 doesn't seem to do anything about the issues that are supposed to have been released in Windows 10 File Explorer.

Of course, this does not mean that Microsoft is doing nothing to deal with unstable Windows updates. Recently, the company announced changes to the way it will receive and process them updates manufacturers' guides so that defective versions of programs do not end up being delivered to users.

If you're worried though, the obvious solution is to not install the update or remove it from your machine if you've already done so. Perhaps, Microsoft will issue a fix in future updates.

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