HomesecurityMicrosoft telemetry data collection may stop

Microsoft telemetry data collection may stop


A change that has been released by Microsoft products in Windows 10 version 1909, it allows corporate clients to block them Appliances they are sending data telemetry on company servers.

Europe's data protection authorities have expressed concerns about telemetry data collection from Microsoft Windows 10 devices, including recent Dutch efforts to limit Office 365 data collection to ensure that company practices comply with general EU data protection regulation (GDPR).

Microsoft recently changed its terms for Office 365 worldwide to comply with the recommendations of the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

Also, as mentioned by German magazines Borncity and Deskmodder, Microsoft has also made some changes to Windows 10 version 1909.

The Bavarian DPA recently published some foundings on configurations in Windows 10, which indicate that corporate customers may be able to completely stop collection unwanted Microsoft telemetry data.

The company had released a number of tools in 2018 that allowed users to choose which telemetry data Microsoft could collect. Home and Pro users, for example, can choose "basic" or "full" settings by reducing but not stopping this type of data collection.

However, corporate customers can have more control over Microsoft's data collection, since they could completely exclude their telemetry data from being acquired by them. server of the company.

However, as the Bavarian DPA points out, this exclusion may not be the best practice for the safety of an organization.

The principle assumption is that collecting telemetry data in Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 10 is no longer a reason for anyone to switch to Windows 10.

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