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Home tweaks Guide: How to change the language of your PC

Guide: How to change the language of your PC

This guide will show you how to change the language on your PC. Changes will be visible in menus and dialogs. You can set this setting to both Windows, as much as you Poppy. Note here that changing the default language of your PC does not mean changing it in your browser or other programs.

1st way for Windows

1 - Tap the Windows menu. Click on the Windows logo in the lower left corner of your screen.

  • You can also press the Windows key on your keyboard.

2 - Click on settings. The gear icon is located in the lower left of your menu.

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3 - Select Time & Language. It is in the center right of your window.

4 - Select region and language. You will find this option to the left of your window.

5 - Select Add Language. It is next to the large addition operator in the center of the window, just below the "Languages" heading.

6 - Select a language. Click on the language you want to use.

7 - Select a dialect. If by clicking on the language of your choice a window with available dialects appears, then you can select the one that suits you.

8 - Click the language of your choice. You will find it under the default language in the "Languages" section. After you click, more options will appear.

9 - Press the "Options" button.

10 - Download the available language pack. Click on the "Download" button under the heading "Download Language Pack".

11 - Press the left arrow. Go one step back by tapping the arrow on the top left of your screen.

12 - Select the language you added and click the default button.

13 - Restart your PC. Click the Windows menu, press the power button and select "Restart". Once your PC completes this step, your selection will be active.

2nd way for Mac

1 - Open the Apple menu. Click on the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen for a drop-down menu.

2 - Click on System Preferences. This option is near the top of the menu.

3 - Select “Language and region”. It's a flag icon near the top of the screen.

4 - Click on + . This icon is located in the lower left in the window that appeared. After you tap it a new window will appear with many other languages.

5 - Scroll to find the language of your choice and click "add".

6 - Click on "Use Language". When the window above appears, press the blue button in the lower right corner.

7 - Restart your Mac to complete the process.


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