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Check the health of your heart with top gadgets (2020)

Every time everyone wonders what gifts to get to their loved ones, usually ending up buying beautiful but common gifts like flowers and sweets. In market however, there are many original gifts out there that may initially seem like weird suggestions that will eventually make white people out of their choice. In particular, there is a wide variety of smart gadgets and services health care providers doing good by tracking important signs and identifying abnormalities Rhythms and behaviors, not to say they don't serve other less critical needs. For example, there are smart gadgets that help improve the quality of sleep in the control fitness and more. In particular portable gadgets will have testing tools for everything from gluten readings to blood pressure readings.

Smart gadgets include Smartwatches, rings, pins, clothing and more Appliances their small size is ideal for being always in your bag, and they can also function as medical devices, but without falling short in elegance.

Here's a list of the top smart gadgets for 2020, from the most affordable to the most expensive.

  • The most affordable gadget for 2020 is the Omron blood pressure monitor, (Omron blood pressure monitor) that costs just $ 50. This is a system reading blood pressure without visiting a doctor. Therefore it is a valuable gift for someone facing problem with his pressure. The device can store up to 80 metrics at a time per user, along with an app that can be used to access and control the results.Gadgets
  • Second gadget in the list is the NutriBullet Balance which costs $ 98. This is a blender with built-in Bluetooth that includes some smart functions. Specifically, the blender, along with an accompanying application, is able to calculate the nutritional value of your smoothies and can be used for it register shopping lists and health-related goals. So it's a must for anyone who loves fitness or trying to adopt a healthier diet program.Gadgets
  • The next gadget on the list is the portable device monitoring AliveCor EKG (AliveCor portable ECG) that costs $ 99. It is another gift that contributes to the better functioning of the heart. It works as follows: You squeeze your thumbs into a Kardia reader and after 30 seconds your rhythm and heartbeat results are analyzed and displayed in one application. THE programmer says the device may be useful for detecting atrial fibrillation, bradycardia and tachycardia.Gadgets
  • Here's her BPM Connect gadget Withings (Withings BPM Connect) at a cost of $ 99,95. It is a perimeter blood pressure monitor which is a good gift for those who are constantly on the go. The gadget fits inside the bag so you can take it with you, and there is a companion app for cell phones.
  • Another smart gadget is the Snailax shiatsu chair cushion that massages the neck and back (Snailax shiatsu neck & back massager chair pad) that costs $ 149,99 with a $ 100 discount. The heated pillow can be used with combination with other furniture while working on the neck and back muscles. Therefore it is the best for relaxing after a long day.Appliances
  • The gadget Bellabeat Leaf Crystal at $ 199 is one detector jewelry in the shape of jewelry and can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. You can attach the main detector to the bracelet, which is filled with Swarovski crystals, or wear it separately, so it's like giving two gifts in one. The detector can also be used to monitor levels activity and sleep, among other functions.health devices
  • The gadget Fitbit Versa 2 At $ 229,95 it is an alternative to more expensive smartwatches and focuses specifically on fitness and health. The handset comes with its built-in Alexa voice assistant Amazon and is able to monitor your heart rate, sleep quality and activity levels, whether you are simply walking or exercising or swimming. The model is also service compatible music of Spotify streaming, while its battery lasts for about 6 days.


  • The "smart yoga leggings" (Smart yoga pants) Estimated at $ 249, they are equipped with sensors that power data in a companion application and by observing users in yoga it corrects them through vibrations. Available for both men and women.
  • Last on the list of top gadgets for 2020 is its watch Apple (Apple Watch) priced at $ 399 +. The Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest flagship model in the product line, and while the device can connect to your phone for multiple tasks, such as downloading notifications, listening to music, paying for products and sending messages, the watch also comes with an ECG reader, fitness application compatibility, activity tracking and other health features.health gadgets


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