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Guide: Adding new users and Guest mode on Android

With the use of banking applications and all those applications that include personal text messages, your android is likely to be filled with many sensitive ones data. As the device you always have with you, this scenario makes sense.

However, when your child wants to play games on your phone or you need to let a family member / friend use it to make a call, do you really need to give all your information instant access? This does not mean that the person using your phone will deliberately cause damage, but proper management of these sensitive applications helps to ensure that this data remains intact.

Fortunately, android makes it easy for others to use while limiting their access. You can do this by adding another user or activating the Guest feature, and today we'll show you how both of these features work.

How to add another user

1 - Swipe down twice on your home screen to get to the quick settings.

2 - Tap on the small icon in the lower right corner.

3 - Touch Add User.

4 - Click OK in the dialog that appears.

5 - After the New User Add Screen appears, click “Continue”

6 - Your phone will check for available updates.

7 - Enter it gmail of the new user.

8 - Enter the google email password.

9 - Verify your identity if you have two-factor verification enabled.

10 - Click on "I agree".

11 - Scroll down to the next screen and tap "Accept".

12 - Enter your PIN.

13 - Re-enter your PIN.

14 - Select whether you want to use biometric authentication for your account. If you don't want to, click "Skip".

15 - Click on "I agree".

16 - Click “Next”.

With all of the above, your android should look like a new one and essentially it works like a new phone.

Now that you have created your new user, you can easily return to your basic profile.

1 - Swipe down twice on your home screen to get to the quick settings.

2 - Tap on the small icon in the lower right corner.

3 - Tap on your basic profile.

With that ease, you're back to your normal home screen and your phone works exactly as you set it up. Although this method of adding a new user is a bit overwhelming to let someone use your phone instantly, it may be useful for your child, spouse, roommate, or someone else who happens to share it your phone.

How to enable Guest

Next, we will talk about android's "Guest Mode". This is a very useful feature when we want to give someone access for a short time, such as when our friend needs to make a quick call.

Activating the guest mode is much simpler than adding a new user and the process is as follows:

1 - Swipe down twice on your home screen to get to the quick settings.

2 - Tap on the small icon in the lower right corner.

3 - Touch Guest.

With these actions, your android has become a device specifically designed for other users to safely use your phone. They can't see your alerts, your account at Google it is temporarily removed and all your personal applications are hidden.

Guest Mode is not designed to be used as a permanent profile as its functionality is limited, but depending on the case, you are more likely to use this tool, rather than creating a completely new profile.

Keep your data secure

You don't have to create a new user profile for your child or activate the Guest feature every time someone uses your phone for a while, but if you want to make sure your personal information is only available to you, these are two tools can serve you.

Both of these features were introduced on Android phones starting with Android 5.0 Lollipop.


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