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Which Developers Get the Highest Salaries?

developersΟ salary is just one of the elements that are being looked into Employees at technological domain (eg developers) when deciding to take a job. There are many but things to think about, but salary is a pretty important element.

In a highly competitive market, such as technology, there is high demand for professionals with excellent skills, which can undertake and carry out important projects. When such a person is found, companies have to bid more than money as a reward.

According to a company that deals with recruitment and payroll issues, IT staff nowadays usually ask flexible work. Flexibility is mainly about hours as with workplace. Today, work from it home is very common.

“If companies don't offer the above, they risk losing talented professionals who are attracted to startups Companies and FinTech companies that have the most benefits, ”the company said.

According to company data, the highest paid positions are development leads, CISO (chief information security officer) and head of data engineering.

Also the salaries for them developers vary, with developers using the programming language C ++ and its developers Java to get them higher fees.

The full stack developers are also quite high in fees. Following are the front end developers with a slightly lower salary. At the same level as the front end are the JavaScript developers.

The Android, iOS and Oracle developers are getting slightly lower salaries.

According to the recruitment company, many organizations intend to adopt DevOps within 2020 and because a lot of things and changes need to be done within IT departments to integrate and automate best practices security, recruiting security teams will be a "trend" this year.

Also very popular will be the professionals who deal with it analysis data and engineers.


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