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Home security Europe is divided over the security of the 5G network

Europe is divided over the security of the 5G network

huawei banHuawei, which is a leader in wireless technology and one of the biggest sellers smartphone around the world, it has seen business targeting the US. In particular, the government Tramp called for Huawei's removal from 5G networks for reasons national security, urging the allies to do the same. Huawei, for its part, does not accept the accusations that it products its a security risk. US for Huawei and 5G networks

The European Union is required to apply the relevant restrictions to suppliers regarded as high risks. One of the limitations is their removal from critical and sensitive functions. However, in practice it does not appear to have completely prevented these suppliers. In addition, the European Union has called on its member states to take action meters to ensure the security of its 5G networks, but the new ones Guidelines published long distances from the Chinese ban company Huawei requested by USA.

European Union for Huawei and 5G Networks Europe

In particular the United Kingdom, which will exit the European Union on January 31said it would allow Huawei to have limited and controlled roll on its 5G networks. 5G enables greater and faster data processing, while considered essential feature of new interconnected technologies such as automated vehicles and the smart devices. In the United Kingdom, Huawei will be excluded from areas deemed critical to network security. These are essentially areas that identify customers or make traffic routing decisions. However, it will be able to provide mobile operators with less sensitive products, such as radio technology and base stations. The United Kingdom participated in the European Union's risk assessment and was an active member of the procedureNow, however, he seems to be seeking to adopt her policy Germany, which Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she is not prepared to rule out providers from the country's 5G networks, while Germany has not yet decided on the case of Huawei.



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