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Major antivirus vendors still support Windows 7


As all major antivirus service providers have stated, they do not intend to stop supporting their Windows 7, even after their support has expired Microsoft.

Most of the antivirus software providers, with only a few exceptions, have announced that their products will continue to support Windows 7, at least until 2022, to provide them with users alternatives to protect their systems.

These antivirus products are absolutely essential now, after Microsoft stopped issuing updates security, since January 14, 2020, when Windows 7 support officially stopped.

The only ones that are still eligible for updates Windows 7 security is for corporate customers, however this program, known as Extended Security Updates (ESU), is only available to selected businesses and comes at a fairly high price.

However much smaller businesses, but also ordinary users will not be able to access this program, so it is very important for them to choose an antivirus program to make sure their systems remain safe from any risk.

To continue to use Windows 7 without being in the programs ESU, poses significant safety risks. Microsoft has advised companies to switch to Windows 10 and has also begun to push users to make the change, using pop-ups and ads, already starting last year.

The following table lists all the leading antivirus service providers and how long their products will continue to support Windows 7.

The table was compiled by AV-TEST, a German antivirus testing lab, which has exploited its links in the field of antivirus software and asked each vendor for its plans to support Windows 7.


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