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Home security A new Facebook tool will prevent third-party ads

A new Facebook tool will prevent third-party ads


The new Clear History tool it had announce it its CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, released worldwide and gives greater control to users regarding their privacy.

The Clear History tool is part of a new selection on settings, called Off-Facebook activity. This option lets the user know who interacts with their social network even when not using Facebook.

As he says Facebook, various companies send company information about a user's activities on the site and their application, on the basis of which Facebook publishes relevant ads. With the Off-Facebook activity tool, users can access this information and remove it from their account.

In 2018, when discussions about the new tool, called the Clear History Tool, had begun, it was thought that it might confuse the user, as one might assume he was removing his published data from platform social media. The name given to the tool now clearly explains the type of data that can be deleted.

The name also separates procedures collection data and those sharing data. Collecting data from applications is not a major problem for users, but sharing their data and how applications do not protect data is the main reason why all users want a tool like Off- Facebook activity.

We've heard many times that companies sell user data for targeted advertising, and Facebook's new tool can help reduce that practice.

Facebook itself says that after its scandal Cambridge Analytica, which has leaked data to about 87 million social network users, has led to the creation of a tool through which the user can restrict the use of data and remove data from history.


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