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Home security Windows 10 1909-1903: Fixes errors in File Explorer with no effect

Windows 10 1909-1903: Fixes errors in File Explorer with no effect

MicrosoftMicrosoft is called upon to deal with complaints from users of Windows 10 related to the new File Explorer. Specifically, Microsoft has released new optional updates publications for Windows 10 1903 and 1909, to handle large numbers errors that are presented in the new File Explorer. Updates are available through Windows Update or Microsoft Update directory Windows Update and 10 1909-1903The new update aims to tackle them complaints expressed in 2019 about the new File Explorer search box, which many found useless. This is because the box displayed a text cursor, but without users being able to do click inside the box or type in it. Microsoft did changes to improve File Explorer search by running it in Windows Search. This would provide users with search results from the content of their computer or the web that would be displayed on a developing menu. file explorer

New updates for Windows 1909 and 1903 include two essentials corrections for errors found in the File Explorer search, which many users have complained about.
One of the errors blocks it search bar of File Explorer to paste clipboard content with a right click, while another error prevents the File Explorer search bar from receiving what the user wants to enter.

Microsoft is making many changes to improve Windows 10 1903 and 1909. Among the changes is improvement their accuracy Windows Hello, and changing the custom tile order in the Start menu when layout it's locked.

Microsoft also fixed the following errors:

  • An error that closed it touch keyboard every time a key was selected.
  • An error in games which involved many players.
  • An error at log out a USB C flash drive from the computer.
  • Incorrect indications for offline and on-line archives.


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