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Home security Data Protection Day: Ways to Protect Your Data

Data Protection Day: Ways to Protect Your Data

data protection dayToday, January 28, 2020, will be the 13th Protection Day Data that is initiative of National Cyber ​​Security Center with the aim of continuity education and awareness raising on privacy Internet. Its purpose is to hold discussions on privacy issues. People can then leverage these conversations to secure it privacy in their homes, communities and businesses.National Cyber ​​Security Center

Data Protection Day concerns not only the personal lives of individuals, but also their professional lives. In addition, the businesses play an important role in safeguarding the confidentiality of employees, trading partners and, in particular, customers. That is, they must apply encryption, key management and identity management; and access (IAM) to help keep their stored data confidential. Best practices in the field of hygiene at cyberspace and creating a strong safety-focused culture is always a good strategy for organizations to adopt. There are specific ones security controls worth mentioning. A first security check is encryption. Specifically digital strategy security an organization would not be complete without encryption. By applying this security check, organizations can protect all the data inside them. To protect against threats from internal users, malicious attacks and hackers, they must apply data at rest and data in motion encryption. The latter measure is particularly important as data in motion encryption helps protect data, video, an organization's audio files and transmissions from spying, tracking and other "invasion" efforts. A second security check is identity and access management (IAM). In particular, hackers can only pose a threat if they manage to gain access to the data of an organization or a business. Business organizations need to apply controls which include the use of control identity multi-factor (MFA) to safeguard user accounts, even if hackers manage to threaten certificates their.

Another security check is the key management. In case one hacker manages to gain control of the cryptographic keys of an organization, encryption has no effect. Hackers can exploit these keys to decrypt an organisation's data, create "fraud" identities, and create maliciously certificates. This results in subsequent attacks, such as theft identity and page creation Phishing. Fortunately, organizations are able to minimize the risk of these types of attacks with this security check. This security check also enables organizations to manage, store and use their cryptographic keys. Many times, organizations implement key management by deploying a hardware security module (HSM) inside or around in cloud their.

One last security check is adopting an improved data security strategy. Encryption, identity and access management (IAM) and key management can help organizations protect their sensitive Data Protection Day information. But as the environments of organizations become more and more complex, some organizations may find it difficult to implement each of them individually. meters Separately. Given these difficulties, organizations should consider investing in a solution that will help them cope with evolving encryption, key management and other data security needs in all their environments, while at the same time reducing redundancy. cost and the complexity.


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