HomesecurityGoogle will charge the authorities for access to user data

Google will charge the authorities for access to user data


Η Google, like other tech companies, very often receive requests from police authorities seeking to obtain access into a data of their users. And now the tech giant has decided to charge this process.

As mentioned The New York Times, rates for providing access to user data will range from $ 45 for a call, $ 60 for phone calls, and about $ 245 for a search warrant. There will also be a charge for other legal issues.

The proceeds from these charges will be used to cover the company's human resources costs and the resources needed to provide summonses and warrants.

Both Google and its other companies Silicon Valley, do not charge law enforcement when requesting access to their clients' data, although the law allows them to do so.

But now Google's decision to charge access requests will have a major impact on how the company and its customers services law enforcement face legal requirements in the future.

Until recently, companies in Silicon Valley did not ask for any compensation from the authorities when giving them access to any information.

If this new Google decision is implemented on a larger scale and generates revenue, then it might be considered that companies are trying to exploit legal cases for profit.

For their part, law enforcement authorities believe that this practice could lead to smaller companies adopting it, which could in turn lead to small town police departments limiting their access to data and to prioritize what is most important.

According to experts involved in privacy security, these charges are necessary to cover the costs incurred by the company in providing the data.

Google has many information for billions of users. Law enforcement services at USA and around the world, they are making a large number of legal requests to access this information. In 2019, Google received nearly 75.000 legal requests in the first half of the year for approximately 165.000 accounts worldwide.

Google had previously applied this practice to legal requests for the provision of user data, but after a while it stopped. A spokesman said the company is not used to systematically charging a fee for legal claims, but from now on Google decided to take a fixed charge for various legal claims.


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