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Reduce location crawl by iOS 13 apps

iOS 13

With iOS 13, the Apple decided to alert its users more intensively when location they are crawling in the background and the results are already evident, with applications showing a 68% drop in location crawl. In addition, more and more users are becoming aware of these practices.

Apple has always given users of its operating system the ability to control when and what information their users can access. applicationsbut now the company has made two changes to iOS 13.

Initially whenever an application has access to location information at background, the operating system displays alerts to the user, saying that it has granted access to an application and will allow it to stop.

Second, it enables them to require an application to request permission whenever it wants to access location data.

And the Google seems to follow the same tactic in Android 10.

As the FastCompany, the combination of these two new features has resulted in a 68% drop in background tracking and a 24% decrease in foreground tracking (with one app open).

App creators make money by crawling users' sites, since they can give this information to companies for advertising purposes. They will still be able to do so using your IP address, but this will provide a less reliable indication of the users' location.

However, a large number of people choose to use services VPN, especially when used publicly WiFi hotspots. This protects users from attacks Man-in-the-middle, with the added advantage of hiding their location.


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