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ISRO: New NavIC technology can replace GPS

NAVICThe Indian Space Research Agency (ISRO) brings to the general public the “NAVIC" a new technologyWhich could replace the well-known GPS. ISRO partnered with Qualcomm (one of the largest chipset companies) to integrate NavIC technology into new processors for economical, mid-range smartphones. The Xiaomi and Realme have already stated that they plan to release smartphones with NavIC-capable processors.

What is NavIC technology?

Initially the word “NavIC” comes from “Navigation with Indian Constellation(Navigation with Indian Constellation). This is essentially the Indian regional satellite navigation system (IRNSS), a satellite collection that gives information location in Indians users. The service it is very similar to GPS (Global Position System). Currently, NavIC consists of seven satellites.

The story behind new technology

In 1999, India had requested GPS data from USA for tracking and monitoring of Pakistani troops stationed at Kargil. The US, however, did not provide this information. Since then, India has begun working on setting up its own satellite location tracking system. Now, two decades later, the NavIC system is ready to go public.

The system will provide two types of services. One service "Standard Position Services"(SPS) will be available to all citizens, while the second,"Restricted Services”(RS), can be used by authorized users, such as defense and intelligence services.

In addition, NavIC mounts the India among nations that have their own satellite location services. So far, h USA they had it GPSThe Russia This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. GlonassThe China This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. Beidou and Europe This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. Galileo.

Is it better than GPS?

Information says India's NavIC is much better than US GPS. NavIC is said to be much more accurate in location tracking and much more efficient than GPS.

NavIC applications

According to ISRO, the new technology is mainly aimed at Indian users but also covers the area that extends up to 1.500km from its borders.

Many users will have in their future phones NavIC. ISRO says the satellite system will help many drivers as well as users in general, providing a great experience in visual and voice navigation.

According to the agency, this technology can be used to help disaster management, provide navigation services to hikers and travelers, and track vehicles. It also allows aerial and underwater navigation.


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