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Home security Aleksei Burkov: Why the US and Moscow want their side ...

Aleksei Burkov: Why do the US and Moscow want Russian hacker detained on their side?

Russian hacker Burkov site Aleksei BurkovA 29-year-old Russian hacker, Aleksei Burkov, was arrested in 2015 at airport Ben-Gurion of Israel. Between categories who was "offended" by her management a site called Cardplanet where they were sold numbers and stolen credit and debit information cards, with the result being realized markets "Fraud" with targeted US cards totaling more than 20 million dollars. In addition, the Russian hacker appears to have run another site that also exposed the personal information of people unaware of them, malicious software while at the same time other "criminal" services. The categories included such as fraudulent activities in devices access, conspiracy to hacking attacks on computer systems, theft identities and WRITTEN »THE WOODWORKING - THE OWNER as well as other crimes in cyberspace. Therefore online market created by the Russian hacker included a wide range of "services" as well as various forms fraud.

Regarding the arrest of the Russian hacker, despite the fact that it was carried out by the Israelis authorities, the US was the one to take over the lawsuit case, with the approval of the Supreme Court of Israel. However, their opposition to this decision Russian officials expressed. More specifically, they filed one proposal to Russia. With this proposal, Russian officials urged Russia to seek liberation Russian hacker with in return its tradition Naama Issachar, a 26-year-old Israeli girl sentenced to 7 years in prison in Moscow on charges of marijuana use and possession.Russian hacker

The maximum prison sentence that could be imposed on Russian hacker Aleksei Burkov is expected to be 15 years. It is worth noting that the 29-year-old Russian hacker, in his apology to the office of the Eastern District Attorney of Virginia, USA, he pleaded guilty to all charges.

Finally, the Russian hacker seems to be a hacker both Washington and Moscow want. and his fate depends on a woman he doesn't even know. He is now one of the best-known prisoners. However, it is not yet known chain events that led to the imposition of a severe punishment on Naama Issachar, as well as why Burkov is a "advantage of the utmost importance ”for Moscow.


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