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Home business Intel: Ready to start a "price war" with AMD?

Intel: Ready to start a "price war" with AMD?

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are on the gorace"For who will succeed in market. But let's look at it dynamic and its benefits company.Intel

On the one hand side, Intel, the largest manufacturing company chip in the world with the criterion of income, seems to have a 'good paper"Against AMD, with form billions dollars in cash, which anyone can use for financing a possible "price war" with opponent AMD. Intel seems to have a multi-phase plan which will become its core “όπλο"That will ensure her κυριαρχία in the market. The biggest part Of course, this plan is not yet known. However, what is already clear is that the first phase of the project concerns the cuts prices for them partners Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), which may downgrade the chain resulting in more accessible computers and laptops, a scenario that is desirable. In addition, Intel has a huge but declining amount of cash money. It is estimated to have over $ 12 billion by mid-2019. Price cuts are not an unprecedented one phenomenon for Intel. It is worth noting that Intel is still on peak of the market. Indicatively, it holds an 80% market share of desktops and laptops and a 90% market share of server respectively.AMD

On the other hand, AMD, a company construction is the main competitor of Intel and not unjustly, as AMD always manages to maneuver against Intel, even at the last minute. AMD has just $ 1,2 billion in cash. AMD is undoubtedly fast development, especially in the markets laptop and server. It is expected that by the end of 2020 it will have one share 10% of the server market.

Given these information, in the event that a "price war" with AMD is in Intel's immediate plans, then the latter should be concerned and start thinking about possibility further sharing of market share.


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