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Home security Safari browser: Details of recently fixed vulnerabilities

Safari browser: Details of recently fixed vulnerabilities

SafariHer research team Google published a report stating they were discovered a few months ago vulnerabilities security on the web browser of Apple, Safari. According to researchers, vulnerabilities could allow it monitoring the online behavior of users. This means that if one took advantage of the vulnerabilities, he could see all his activities user, The website visiting etc.

The vulnerabilities were identified in a Safari browser tool designed to enhance privacy. However, due to vulnerabilities, third parties Companies they could get sensitive information about browsing and all the movements of internet users.

Η report researchers say that Safari's vulnerabilities enabled them hackers to watch it search history and activity users, while allowing websites to track users. The irony of the whole case is that the vulnerabilities were identified in the trait Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) Apple, introduced in Safari in 2017.

Google said: “We have been working with technology companies for a long time to exchange information about possible vulnerabilities and to protect our users. Our researchers worked closely with Apple on this issue. The report, published by our researchers, explains our findings so that everyone can benefit from them. "

According to the report, Google informed Apple of the vulnerabilities in Safari last August. In December, an Apple engineer stated in a blog post that the company correct the vulnerabilities. However, an Apple spokesman was invited to speak on the matter yesterday and confirmed that the bugs found by Google have been corrected.


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