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PlayStation 5: Truly or just rumored its release in a few days?

Η Sony it will probably release the PlayStation 5 in a few days (or weeks), according to top game makers.

New information on the release date of the PlayStation 5 is due on February 13 or earlier. Sony has already confirmed that the PS5 is coming this year, but the exact release and release dates remain a mystery. In a series of tweets, Scott Jaffe (developer and designer of the game God of War) said the day was approaching.
"The announcement is in less than 4 weeks," Jaffe wrote. In a subsequent tweet, Jaffe added: "I mean waiting is the worst secret in games. Announcement in February as they did with the PS4. "

PlayStation 5

Scott Jaffe is regarded for his work on Twisted Metal and God of War, both popular PlayStation exclusive. The tweet published on January 16th, which means that the announcement will be in less than 28 days.

This means that the Event will take place on or before February 13th. Last week, an anonymous user, 4chan, posted a detailed post with information about the console and a blurry photo of it. Excited by the leak, digital artist and developer FalconDesign3D posted impressive 3D visuals on Twitter.

"I made a PS5 render based on the latest design flaws," wrote @ FalconDesign3D. The console looks very impressive, with a futuristic design. Ironically, it gives the PS5 a "X" shape - which we would normally expect from it Xbox of Microsoft. It is important to remember, however, that the design has not been confirmed by Sony. We will not know the true look of the PS5 until an official announcement is made.

According to Leaker, the console will launch on February 5, 2020 and will cost £ 449 / $ 499 / € 449 / ¥ 54.999. It was rumored that this event would take place in Sony's "ritzy" hall - a Sony venue in New York. According to Sony's event calendar, no public or private bookings have been made for February 5th. This means the venue seems to be free for a Sony event, if secretly designed.

Particularly enthusiastic for Sony fans is the rumored support for "backwards compatibility". This is the ability to play old games on the PS5 console from all five platforms: PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PS4.

Some of the rumored titles are: Gran Turismo 7, MLB The Show 21, Demon Souls Remastered, Godfall and Legendz.

Pre-orders will take place from the day of the event, but the actual sales day is expected to be in October 2020. Previous rumors, however, have set the actual sales day much closer to Christmas.


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