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WhatsApp acquired Dark Mode

The setting to consider incorporating application WhatsApp on Android is the so-called Dark Mode on Android conversation. Other applications from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, they already have integrate this particular regulation, which is available at Android. In the past, despite attempts to add this setting to WhatsApp, there seems to be no solution found in the application. WhatsApp is now launching Dark Mode with the latest version of the Android Beta program. In particular, WhatsApp recently submitted a new update (v.2.20.13) via program Google Play Beta, which includes a new Dark Mode. In Beta, there is ability enable the new "dark theme" by going to the application settings, clicking on conversations and then selecting the Dark option under "Theme".whatsapp dark mode

Once Dark Mode is activated, it becomes darker Colour on the background - surface work, without however becoming completely black. While the greens data they stay the same color, whites get a dark gray and n font changes from black to white. The “boxesConversations, which were previously white and green, are now dark gray and have a darker green tint.

Still, users experimenting with the beta version of WhatsApp, can download directly the latest Beta update from the Play Store and apply the Dark Mode setting. But if anyone doesn't register in the Beta program, can register through registration of the Play Store application. If a user does not receive the update, they can download the latest WhatsApp beta APK from the link "WhatsApp Beta for Android (v.2.20.13)"And disable the application in phone of. play store, google play

Therefore, the choices what users have is to have the WhatsApp app permanently turned on or Dark Mode is activated when selecting Global Dark Mode from settings in Appliances with operating system Android 10.


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