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Google Shopping: Is It The Next Step For Ecommerce?

The rise of e-markets has opened the way for businesses to create e-commerce websites that resonate with a larger market that is not limited to the area where their headquarters are located. From clothing to home accessories and furniture, the usefulness of online shopping cannot be underestimated, but it can confuse most consumers with the multitude of products on the online market. This is where Google makes its appearance.


In a recent post on her blog, she announced that Google Shopping will be launching on US smartphones very soon. Here's what you need to know:

Τι είναι το Google Mall;

It is one of Google's services that allows marketers to display their products through a huge Google Shopping list where users / consumers can use to search, compare and buy the desired product directly from the site of choice their.

Google Shopping was formerly known as Froogle in the early 2000s, which served as a product search engine, which turned into a paid search closely related to Google ads in early 2010. However, they decided to reinstate free search products just recently. Google Shopping is also optimized to filter by category, compare prices from different stores, and display user reviews by product.

Here we see it in operation:

This is the example Google used, but images from users showed:

Do you see the difference? Since the new version of Google Shopping will only be released on USA., it will take some time for other countries to use this feature.

How to view your products on Google Shopping

Putting your products on Google Shopping is pretty easy, as all you need to do is set up a Google Merchant Center product feed and embed the corresponding data markup into your product pages. Below we present the procedure:

  • Create your Google Merchant account
  • Select "View products on Google platforms" when you reach the "Choose the programs that fit your goals"

  • After setting up your account, you'll be taken to the Google Merchant Center overview page, where you will be notified that you have a pending task to promote products on Google platforms. Click on the "Continue" button to continue.
  • You will go to the Google product page settings. Click on the "Add Product Data" section to begin filling the product feed. Click the "+" sign in the "Primary feeds" section to get started.
  • From there, you can adjust the flow of your products.

Ultimately it's a good feature Google Mall;

We've mentioned that e-commerce can be confusing to the average consumer - especially if a multitude of products appear simultaneously. However, with Google Shopping, business owners should lower their prices to make their products more attractive to users who see them, while ensuring that they are making a decent profit.

As there is a free option for Google Shopping, we recommend that you place your products there. You have nothing to lose except the time it takes to place your products in the Google Merchant Center.

However, if you want to take advantage of the paid version, you will need to outperform other competitors to get higher positions in the Google Shopping stream. In the long run this sounds good, but if you are selling products for an unsatisfactory search, returning your investment can be a little difficult.


Google Shopping has both advantages and disadvantages. What we suggest to stakeholders is to first try the free version to decide if they are satisfied with the results before making any in-service purchases.

In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows