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Home security New sexual blackmail scam! Hackers say they will post your nude photos

New sexual blackmail scam! Hackers say they will post your nude photos

blackmail.Hackers use one a new method of sexual blackmail. This is a new scam, where hackers demand money from their victims by threatening to publish it. nude videos and photos taken from home cameras.

According to a security expert, this is a new version of the old-known sex rape scam where criminals tried to persuade victims that they had videos or information, which they would have published if the victims had not provided them ransom. The expert said they were sent 1.600 scam emails within just two days (from 2 January to 3 January).

The scam starts with sending an email that says' we have some nude photos you ”. It also contains a link pointing to a page that shows a location recorded by a Nest or other camera. Usually the location depicted is an area known to the victim (eg a cafeteria that the victim had visited the previous week). This is done to give the impression that the victim is being monitored wherever he is, even outside the home.

An email wrote: “Think about what you did in 11 months and imagine what we saw. Your videos have been uploaded to many right now pornographic sites and you only have one week until they are publicly available. "

The Criminals have succeeded in gaining access home cameras (e.g. Google's Nest cameras, Amazon's Ring cameras). They used to be in the past cameras that monitor / control babies.

As with most such scams, hackers usually use it social engineering to cause the victim to panic and make him act immediately, without much thought.

After the initial sexual blackmail email, the scammers ask the victim to follow a procedure and sign up at another email address to receive (supposedly) more evidence and information.

Along the way, they ask the victim to create one bitcoin wallet and pay around $ 500 in cryptocurrency not to publish nude photos and videos. We still do not know how many people have fallen victim to this new scam.

According to the expert security, photos and videos don't actually exist. It's a scam. Criminals have created a complex enough process that they cannot be traced emails and the origin of the criminal's bitcoin wallet.

Sexual blackmail scams are easy and cheap, which is why hackers prefer them.

In most cases of sexual blackmail, the victim simply receives an email that may include stolen passwords from the victim's old email account to convince her that she has violated their data of. In most cases, criminals do not have access to the victim's information.

Scams are usually targeted teenagers. In September, the FBI launched an initiative to combat this phenomenon.

Thousands of incidents have been recorded in the last two years with total losses of $ 83 million.


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