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Home security Russian hackers "strike" Ukrainian firm Burisma

Russian hackers beat Ukrainian company Burisma

burisma logoAt the end of 2019 the Ukrainian gas company Burisma started receiving online attacks from hackers of the Russian Military Intelligence Service GRU, which was publicized by the US corporation Internet security Area 1. The most likely scenario heard so far is that the ultimate goal of the attacks may have been to obtain information against the former US Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter's son, who had the reins of Burisma. Experts have come to this conclusion on the one hand because of their size and on the other attacks. In particular, the attacks came at a time when US President Donald Trump was pressuring his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, to persuade him to conduct investigations into Biden's activities in Burisma. His pressures Tramp to Zelensky resulted in the US President's referral to the Senate for questioning the dismissal.hackers

Investigations show that Russian hackers carried out a series of phishing attacks aimed at gaining access to names users and to passwords employees of Burisma, as well as other companies owned by Burisma Holdings. In this way, they managed to extract information from some employees of the company and then gain access to server her.

According to Area 1 experts, the Russian hackers' tactics were similar to the piracy perpetrated on the servers of the US Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election campaign, for which US special services also blame Russia. . Then the Russian hackers used it messages electronics Phishing.Phishing

The involvement of Joe Biden's son in Burisma caused a great deal of political controversy scandal in the US, while Trump threatened to cut off military aid to Kiev.


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