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Home security Emotet: Remains leader of "black market" delivery-as-a-service

Emotet: Remains leader of 'black market' delivery-as-a-service

Emotet is a favorite tool for cyber criminals, according to new research.


According to her report eSentire on the threats to cyberspace, most state hacking teams carry out attacks that target espionage. Usually, hackers try to gain important information by using various tools that allow remote access to systems targets.

Emotet is the leader

According to the report, 20% of the attacks reported were using Emotet malware. It is a leader in the black market and is the first choice for hackers. Emotet was the most common threatening so much for networks as for endpoints.

According to experts, Emotet is the black market leader in its field delivery-as-a-service.

The hackers trying to cultivate confidence to deceive the victims

This tactic appears in many cases, as in Phishing campaigns. The hackers use many techniques to help them bypass the defense mechanisms of the systems, after they appear legitimate and reliable.

Companies and users should follow zero trust approach, which argues that we should not trust anyone and we must be very careful especially when we are online.

As stated in the report, targeted phishing campaigns offer reliable cloud services to host malware kits and fake sites while also using the Emotet to steal credentials and to obtain access in accounts.

Additional findings

«Drive-by downloads "and" commodity malware ": They are still a threat. However, most companies have enhanced their security practices and can handle them, so they are not the first choice for hackers.

Ransomware: The ransomware Attacks are very common and mainly target governments, managed service providers and large businesses.

Phishing attacks: The healthcare and manufacturing industries Companies they are particularly vulnerable to phishing attacks. They have improved their security against other threats, but not phishing.

Cloud services are used in Phishing campaigns: Services such as Google and Microsoft Azure is used to host malicious pages.

Keegan Keplinger, head of research at eSentire, said he found during his research that most large companies do not implement sufficient and effective security measures, posing to you risk valuable data.

Obviously, these organizations underestimate the complexity of modern hacking tools and the value of their data.

“Knowing who the attackers are, what tools they use and how valuable your data and infrastructure are fundamental to understanding your risk and protecting you, ”he said.


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