HomesecurityChinese won $ 1,6 million by selling illegal VPN services

Chinese won $ 1,6 million by selling illegal VPN services


Η China is one of the countries that has been heavily censored in Internet. The government has created the notorious Great Firewall, which makes it almost impossible for Chinese users to visit websites that are blocked in the country, even if one uses VPN services.

There are, of course, several unauthorized VPN service providers who claim that they can bypass the Firewall and allow access to banned websites. Of course the authorities of the country are constantly looking for these providers and interrupting their services.

Recently, the authorities arrested one of them larger providers of illegal VPN services in Taizhou city, China. The man, who used the alias Gao, managed to earn $ 1,6 million by selling illegal VPN services to Chinese citizens.

As the research points out, the VPN services Gao's sales were extremely successful bypassing The Great Firewall and had more than 28.000 customers before he was arrested by the Chinese authorities.

The Chinese authorities say that the estimated revenue from the VPN services offered by Gao in China is more than any other provider of similar services has discovered.

Another man, also arrested in Pingnan for providing illegal VPN services and sentenced to five years in prison, had just won $ 5 and had 120.000 clients.

Given the size of Gao's revenue and the number of his clients, it is likely that his own sentence will be considerably higher.

VPN services are not illegal in China, but all providers must be registered so that government be sure they are not used for illegal activities and of course they do not bypass the Great Firewall.


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