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Microsoft releases Chromium Edge!

On Wednesday, all Windows 10 machines running Microsoft Edge will be updated to use Chromium-based Edge. It's Microsoft's latest attempt to come up with an alternative to Chrome, and it's kind of sad to see it just go away.

I didn't particularly like Edge. It has never worked so well and it seems to struggle to make simple web pages that neither Chrome nor Firefox have problems with. Since the release of Windows 10, Edge has used its proprietary EdgeHTML rendering engine, which was intended to be fully compatible with WebKit-based products (Safari, Chrome, among others).

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As for Microsoft, the company decided to switch to Chromium for a variety of reasons, including its market share, interest and interest. developers. Edge did not build market share or receive updates fast enough to keep up with Chrome. Personally, I think one reason Edge failed to win over the technicians is because of how aggressively Microsoft promoted it. Restoring Microsoft favorites to default and letting users know that other browsers are unsafe are not tactics that build trust in technicians. Microsoft used both.

When EdgeHTML failed to catch on, Microsoft decided to reinstall its browser around Chromium, the same open source template that Google uses for Chrome. On the surface, this is great as it guarantees greater compatibility and interoperability between software products.

The problem is that Google now controls an even larger market share than before. Firefox is the only independent browser company that has remained relatively stable. Historically, the ability of a company to dominate one industry does not produce the best results for them users. Inevitably, changes are beginning to be proposed and improvements that ultimately favor the incumbent rather than the end user. Whether Google has already reached this point is a matter of personal opinion, but the company has received considerable fire in various disputes in recent years. Firefox has made a big push in the brand as the only browser developer that really takes privacy seriously. It is not clear if this will boost the company's user base.

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