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2 Factor Authentication via SMS: Why Choose It?

Nowadays, the continuous evolution of technology, besides the benefits and facilities it offers in various areas of daily life, poses risks to the security systems of both people and organizations and businesses. To deal with the risks and threats on issues related to it security of personal data, there are some meters to be taken. In particular, one way to maintain security standards is 2-step verification (an additional security tool by which users combine two different authentication elements), also known as 2 Factor Authentication. Enabling and implementing 2-step authentication has evolved into a substantial security agreement designed to ensure and facilitate online services and other important transactions, such as accessing accounts, changing / resetting a password, electronic payments, cash transactions and more. In addition, this security method verifies the user's identity and protects the system from attacks Phishing ή hacking. So when 2 Factor Authentication is activated, one hacker needs more users' personal information, not just their password, to access their account. At the same time, users receive a notification that someone else is trying to access their account. In 2-step verification, users are asked to add and save additional information to verify their identity. There are many ways to implement 2FA, most notably SMS.

As for 2 Factor Authentication via SMS, is probably the most common method, as it is easy and convenient for the user, since everyone has a mobile phone and always has it on, thus making the verification process faster and faster. Furthermore, passwords created by an SMS provide an additional level of security so that even if one has the user name and password, they can still access their account only if they have access to their SMS .

Among the 2-step verification properties is to ensure that even if any of the elements (username and Passwordhas been hacked, the other element (password valid for a certain amount of time) prevents hackers from breaking one account thereby reducing the risk of data theft.

Therefore, 2 Factor Authentication via SMS has a number of advantages, among which they are its easy and user-friendly application, the enhanced safety, its reduction theft risk personal data and information as well as reducing operating and security costs. Lastly, it ensures that every user can benefit from this security feature even with a simple phone, regardless of the data mobile telephony.


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