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Guide: How to Speed ​​Up Your E-Shop (Magento edition)

Slow websites are annoying, and 40% of users quit an e-shop if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Due to the slow speed of the site, losses to potential customers can reach 7%.


Below we will give a brief overview of the techniques and tools that will help you speed up your e-shop.

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform written in PHP. It is one of the most popular open ecommerce systems on the net.

  1. The right platform for fast site operation.

All modern electronic shopping machines are fast enough. But this is true until they come into normal operation.

The speed of the online store depends not only on one factor, but on the server, their completeness, their design and much more. Therefore, among several e-commerce systems it is best to choose the fastest, even if it will be a little more expensive.

Almost all developers provide trial versions of their platforms. To check the speed of your trial version, open the tool Google - PageSpeed ​​Insights and enter the address of your site in the field. The tool will show you the loading speed of your e-shop.

  1. The right choice hosting

The platform for an online store Magento it's just a program. To use it, you must install it on your computer. In our case - the server.

E-shop platforms work closely with the server, so it's important for the server itself to be productive and its software up-to-date and properly configured so that the e-shop is fast.

When choosing a hosting service, pay attention to these points:

  • Where is the server located? Select the country of your potential customers. If this is not possible, select the server closest to them.
  • Ability to upgrade hosting. If you are planning to expand your online store in the future, consider upgrading your hosting. You may need more RAM, hard disk space, and a more powerful processor to speed up your site. To do this, your hosting provider should allow you to move from a virtual server to a dedicated one, for example.
  • Types of hard drives used by the server. Select a server with SSDs. They are much faster than conventional hard drives. SSDs are the key to a fast online store.
  • Useful tools and services for e-commerce. First of all, it is important to have SSL certificate support. It is necessary for secure data transfer between the server and the buyer's browser.
  1. Image optimization increases the speed of your online store.

When uploading images to the e-shop, pay attention to the image size and format.

Images that are too large will take a long time to load and slow down the site.

For example, if you add a banner to a blog page in your e-shop or any other page, reduce its width to be the same as the width of the page.

It is not enough to simply define the width of the image properties and set a value that corresponds to the width of the page. In this case, the browser squeezes the image to the desired size, but the download speed does not increase. On the contrary, it can get worse because the browser is processing the extra code.

The lightest image format is JPEG. However, images in this format are usually of poor quality. Therefore, for an online store, it is best to use the PNG format. Such images are smaller in size, but their quality is maintained.

It is best to forget the heavier but higher quality images in BMP and TIFF format.

That's probably all you can do for the speed of your e-shop by yourself. For faster speeds, you'll need deeper knowledge of code and server optimization.

Here are some other actions you can take to improve its speed e-your shop:

  • Minimize HTTP requests:

When loading a page, 80% of the time is used to load various page elements - images, scripts, styles. An HTTP request is executed to load each item. The fewer items on the page - requests being executed - the faster the page loads.

  • Reduce server response time:

The server response time should not exceed 200 milliseconds. Check your site through the Google PageSpeed ​​tool and follow the Google recommendations after review.

  • Page Compression:

The smaller the page size, the faster it transmits from the server to the user's browser. To reduce the size of a page, you need to compress it. To do this, the server must have the Gzip tool or the like.

  • Enable Caching (caching):

When a customer enters your e-shop for the first time with his browser, he loads a lot of data from the server: HTML, styles, javascript, images, and more. It takes time to do this. To make sure everything loads faster on subsequent visits to your online store, you need to enable the caching system. When cached, some of the loaded data is stored in the client's browser, so when data is re-imported from the server, not all page data is loaded, but only a small portion.

  • Connect a content delivery network (CDN):

Networks CDN they store the static content of your site on their servers and deliver it quickly to your visitors.

For example, your store server is located in Russia and you have a content delivery network with servers in the US. When a US customer logged into your store, the static content will not be downloaded from the store server, but from the CDN server, which is much faster.

We hope the above will help you speed up your e-shop and offer your customers the best user experience possible.


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