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Technician bought 10 damaged iPhone X's and made new ones!

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An aspiring and highly skilled technician bought 10 broken ones iPhone X and managed to repair most of them to perfection.

The technician, named Steve Porter, manages a channel on YouTube, known as Tronicsfix, featuring a video that repairs various electronic devices. The most popular of these videos, is one in which it buys 10 broken iPhone X's at a very low price and tries to repair as many as possible.

In his channel he has dealt with many popular devices such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One etc. In his latest video, however, Steve dealt with many of her favorite models. Apple the iPhone X.

So he bought 10 broken iPhone X's for $ 1.670, hoping to repair as many of them as possible.

In his video, Steve explains step-by-step the problems that each device faces, which led to it spoiling.

The devices appeared to have a variety of problems, with some of them operating only with surface damage and others having internal damage.

As Steve explained, the most difficult to repair were those with software lock. There were also some broken logic board phones that Steve claimed could be repaired, but he is not an iPhone technician, so he was unable to do so.

Steve checked every device for all the potential problems he might have encountered and used some accessories operating on one device to repair another less damaged one. It is very likely that he bought so many iPhones of the same model that he wanted to take accessories that were still functional on some other non-repairable devices and use them on others.

We won't reveal how many iPhone X's have been able to repair to see the video for themselves, without spoilers.

Apple and the “Right to Repair” movement

Apple has not always been a supporter of the "Right to Repair" movement, but recently the tech giant has agreed to replace some defective smart cases for iPhones for free.

Of course, the company still has a long way to go in terms of transparency regarding its device repairs.

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