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Why are computer engineers so narrow-minded? New research!

I could make a viable argument that computer engineers are quickly destroying the world. Some might say that engineers are so full of thought that they leave no room for true creativity. Or, indeed, for the random pleasures of humanity.

I was therefore moved by new research proposing a way out. With an article on Harvard Business Review, three academics from Stanford and one from the University of Santa Clara were talking about the dangers of thinking clean engineering.

They politely write: “Computer engineers are entering the workforce with significant analytical skills, but they have to fight to think "out of the box" when it comes to creative resolution problems".

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Academics blame the way engineers are trained. They explain that there are two types thinking - converging and diverging.

The first is what engineers are more familiar with. Make a list of the steps to follow for her resolution of a problem and follow these steps. They are waiting for a definite answer.

The divergent σκέψηhowever, it requires many different ways of thinking about a problem and leads to many possible solutions. These scholars emphatically state: “The diverging skills Thoughts are largely ignored in engineering courses, which tend to focus on a linear evolution of specific, focused technical information. "

That explains a lot, doesn't it? Indeed, these researchers insist that computer science students "become experts in their work individually and by applying a number of types and rules to structured problems with a "correct" answer. "

The researchers conducted two surveys with engineering students and recent computer engineering graduates. They came to the conclusion that a simple attitude of awareness is strongly conducive to creating ideas with greater originality.

They go on to say: "While computer engineers need analysis and judgment skills, they also need to cultivate an open, curious and polite attitude, so as not to specify this particular approach and be able to look at new data. ”

Openness, kindness and curiosity have one thing in their hearts - the thoughts and feelings of others. These were ignored or even rejected by many of those who created the largest companies technology.

Now, it is a bit late and no one can expect adjustment to repair the damage it has done. We may, therefore, have to wait for future generations of computer engineers who, with proper training, will create new, more human solutions to our most pressing problems.

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