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Android: How to avoid data breach

In our time, the constant evolution of mobile devices and applications is driving business and developers to adopt a significant number of operating systems, with a particular preference for the Android operating system. The main criteria of their choice are the consumer appeal and the low purchase cost. However, Android has a serious disadvantage, and this is the vulnerability of infringing on users' data and data. Except for Android and software iOS are among their goals hackers. Undoubtedly, hackers are increasingly trained in hacking mobile apps and devices in order to extract personal data from users.Android

It is worth noting that Apple provides users with higher quality and security of applications in the user database than Google, which has led to a decline in Android market preference. It is true that with the ever-increasing illegal activity of hackers, it is almost impossible to launch an Android application that will not fall victim to hacking. However, there are ways in which aspiring Android businessmen and developers can avoid data breach in their application by providing security and improvement to them and thus gaining public confidence and increasing the market for their applications.

  • Data encryption of each user's local application

One of the main disadvantages of an Android mobile application is that the data stored on the device is accessible to other applications, some of which can be malicious and therefore pose risks to each user's personal data. In such cases, data protection can be done by encrypting local files with the help of the security library. This is because the displayed data will be in the form of a unique address, which will not be decoded and will be further used until it is decrypted using the correct cryptographic technique. At the same time, this enables greater speed and ease of use. So it will be harder for hackers to "invade" it database of users.

  • Examination of application logs

An application log is undoubtedly a valuable "weapon" for application professionals as it helps them analyze the operation of the algorithms behind the data processes in their application and consider how to achieve the desired results. However, these application logs may contain sensitive information such as passwords and user brands and because these logs are publicly accessible, hackers can easily exploit them to serve their purposes. In such a case, the best way to avoid data breach is to ensure that the Android mobile app does not use these breach

  • Application of protocol HTTPS

HTTP is usually used to transfer data between an Android application and a server. However, the data sharing this protocol is not encrypted, which endangers the user's information. Therefore, it is still necessary for Android application developers to replace HTTP with its encrypted version, HTTPS.

  • Synchronize with the latest Android deployment guidelines
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Google has begun applying rigorous guidelines to ensure that every app broadcast live on PlayStore is not malicious. Therefore, updating with the latest Android application development guidelines is necessary to avoid data breach.

  • One last way not to violate data in the Android app for cell phones, is the emphasis on quality and timely updating application.


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