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Home security ACMA: obliges ISPs to block nine other gaming sites

ACMA: obliges ISPs to block nine other gaming sites

gambling gamesΗ Australian Communications and Multimedia Authority (ACMA) ordered Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block another nine offshore sites gambling games, as it considers it illegal.

These sites are: Roo Casino, GW Casino, Wager Beat, Joe Fortune, Ignition Casino, Dingo Casino, AU Slots, Top Bet and XBet.

The ACMA made this decision because it has received more than 79 complaints about these services.

"ACMA found, after investigations, that these services were operating in violation of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001," he said.

The committee warned Australian citizens to withdraw their money and stop using these sites.

The ACMA has forced ISPs to block one a large number of illegal gambling sites the last two years. As of 2017, at least 90 sites have been blocked.

The last blockade before these nine sites took place in November 2019. Then, ISPs blocked Emu Casino, which has been withdrawn from market of Australia, but it still allows Australians to play through support customers.

The exclusions are made in accordance with section 313 of the Act telecommunications. Any exclusion requires the signature of the chairman, alternate chairman, or a senior ACMA executive.

ACMA will monitor its interruption at regular intervals access at website.

The Australian Government is quite strict on the issue of online gambling and has been trying for years reduce the phenomenon and close it illegally gaming sites.

According to Communications Secretary Paul Fletcher, millions of dollars are spent annually on illegal gambling sites.

The complete elimination of the phenomenon is not possible. However, ACMA is very helpful in limiting it. The regulator obliges ISPs to block illegal sites, and so on protects Australian citizens and creates a safer one environment for online gambling.


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