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Home security Apple: The FBI is requesting access to its devices because of the investigation

Apple: The FBI is requesting access to its devices because of the investigation

The FBI once again asks Apple to access password protected iPhones. This time they belong to Mohammed Saeed Alsamrani, the perpetrator of the attack on the Pennsylvania War Station.


Extracting data stored on the device could help during the investigation, the FBI wrote in a letter sent to Apple this week, adding that guessing the password had not been particularly fortunate so far.

Saudi Alshamrani killed three people during the attack, and the FBI is trying to find out how it managed to buy the gun since foreigners cannot own a firearm in the United States. Data from the phones could help with these investigations, the FBI explains.

The FBI Director-General Dana Bonde, who signed the letter, reveals that they have already turned to other federal agencies and various experts to unlock the two iPhones. Bode says the FBI has obtained a court order to unlock the phone, but it's impossible without Apple's help, given that they are locked with passwords.

Η Apple is unlikely to help

Alshamrani, who was killed during the attack, used two different ones iPhone, one of which was damaged during the attack. The FBI says it needs help from Apple to collect data from both devices. Physical damage also makes the whole thing more difficult on the second iPhone.

Apple explained in a statement in its news release NBC is already working with the government on this, but has hinted that in addition to the data being stored in the cloud, it does not intend to take any further action on the two iPhones.

"We have unlimited respect for the forces of law and are always working to assist in their investigations," Apple said in a statement. When the FBI asked us for information about the case a month ago, we gave them all the data we had, and we will continue to support them by giving them whatever information we have. "

The FBI contacted Apple to unlock an iPhone in late December when it tried to retrieve information from a device belonging to its San Bernardino exec. Apple has refused to do so, arguing that such a backdoor would endanger the security of all its devices. The FBI eventually turned to an unknown source who broke into the device.


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