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Home security Hackers invade a user account and post posts about Iran

Hackers invade a user account and post posts about Iran

Former Australian coach Darren Lehmann's Twitter account has been hacked and hackers are constantly posting derogatory and derogatory posts about Iran after changing their name and profile picture.

Brisbane Heat, the Big Bash League team coached by Lehmann, confirmed the news on Twitter on Monday.

“Hi Heat fans, thanks for the messages. We are aware that our coach Darren Lehmann's Twitter account has been hacked and we are working closely with Twitter to correct the condition. We apologize for any inconvenience, "Brisbane Heat said in a tweet.

Hackers (or hacker) accuse Iran of tweets while changing account name to 'Qassem Soleimani | F ** k Iran ». Soleimani was his military commander Iran, who was killed in a US drone attack last week.

The perpetrator has so far used Lehmann's account to promote messages and create propaganda against Iran to his 340.000 followers.

Lehmann is currently busy training the Brisbane Heat in the BBL. In 2018, Lehmann resigned from the position of Australian coach after a scandal broke.

Lehmann is the second high-profile Australian sports personality whose account was hacked shortly after Shane Watson.

Last year, in October, Twitter and Twitter accounts Instagram Watson's were also hoodwinked. Watson had to apologize for the illegal photos posted by the hackers on his accounts.

Snapshots published by British The Sun showed revealing images of women in lingerie posted to staff account on Instagram.

Ο Australian said a hacker also posted racist comments about overweight people in his Twitter account last week. Watson, who has more than two million followers on both platforms, later posted an apology to followers its about post.


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