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Top ski boots and high tech ski gadgets

The cold has knocked on our door for good, and those who love skiing are looking forward to these days. We are not used to such articles, but with most equipment being high tech we thought you would be interested in learning some of the most innovative equipment on the market.


Here's a look at the best high tech skis:

GoPro Hero8 Black

The Editors' Choice Award recently was awarded to the new top-notch GoPro camera, the Hero8 Black ($ 350).

“What is the new feature of Hero 8 Black that makes it so great? I'm not sure it's just one, but there are many features and updates that make it generally easier to use and a better camera no matter what you shoot, and the camera has also been redesigned to get rid of the frame required for mounting the camera. This is fantastic for me since I always hated the frame - I forgot it sometimes and then I couldn't fit the camera. It also blocked the battery and card slot microSD, which is now on the right side with a door USB-C. This means you can easily swap batteries and cards as well as charge it and it's still waterproof at 10 meters, ”said Josh Goldman, a CNET columnist.

Glade Adapt glasses with photochromic lenses

If you don't want to pay up to $ 200 for a range of Smith I / O glasses, there are many more affordable alternatives, including those from the Colorado Glade, which prides itself on making glasses that offer similar or better high-end performance. models from other companies with much less money.

The big deal is that the Adapters include a Photochromatic Flux lens for $ 109. For those who don't know what a photochromatic lens is, it is the one that changes colors depending on the circumstances. lighting that you are experiencing. In other words, it is the chameleon of the lenses and usually photo glasses cost much more.

Smith 4D MAG Glasses

The Smith 4D MAG ($ 280) is the company's top eyewear. They have a wider field of view (25% wider than I / O Mag) and a 5x anti-glare interior lens with IntegraEnergy AirEvac technology that helps reduce noise. Changing the lenses is easy - including a low-light and a high-lens - with the MAG system. Two levers release the lens, which is magnetically attached to the protective glass.

Seirus HeatTouch Hellfire gloves

The flagship Seirus HeatTouch Hellfire flagship is available for $ 425 for men and Women. The gloves haven't changed for the 2019 to 2020 season, but the battery was upgraded last year to a more powerful version with increased durability.

In the low setting heating you can reach up to 12 hours in battery life, with a moderate incline of about 8 hours and high of 4 hours.

Spyder Hokkaido GTX Jacket

Spyder manufactures many jackets and other outerwear, but one of my favorite jackets is the Hokkaido ($ 800), named for the Japanese capital for powder skiing. It is relatively light and very comfortable, and manages to be quite warm. It is equipped with Gore-Tex fabric and Primaloft Gold Eco technologies along with a central ventilation system and the RECCO Advanced Rescue system to help you locate in the event of a snowstorm. I like it better in blue, but it comes in other color options.

The closest jacket to this one for women is probably the Brava GTX ($ 600).

Smith Code helmet

Smith has changed nothing in this year's model since last year - except for the color choices. It is packed in most of Smith's latest technologies (and Vantage). Inside, instead of hard foam, you'll find Koroyd inserts that look like a honeycomb of circular (not hexagonal) cylinders from the top. The high-tech material is made of lightweight, user-friendly environment polymer extruded tubes that are thermally welded together to form a strong protective layer that allows for good air flow. (Smith has added other materials and design to the helmet and marketed the entire protection package as "Aerocore construction.")

In addition to the luxurious padding, there is the BOA FS360 (360 degree halo design) mounting system, which helps you get a comfortable, custom fit. New this year is the Fidlock Wayfinder belt system, which is basically a magnetic quick release system that makes it easy to open and close the belt.

The helmet comes only in MIPS version, which offers increased protection. In a MIPS Brain Protection System, the shell and liner are separated by a low friction layer that "allows the helmet to slide relative to the head".

Seirus Magnemask Combo Clava

Seirus' Magnemask Combo Tube is a magnetic ski seam mask to easily pull the mask off your face and put it back on when you need it. It comes in multiple options sizes and catalogs for $ 50. The company also sells a slightly thicker Magnemask Combo Clava (Neofleece) to cover your face. I found the Combo Tube more comfortable.

K2 Recon 120 MV Heat Ski Boots

The K2 features two ski boots with rechargeable USB thermal heating technology built into the lining. The Recon 120 MV Heat ($ 650), the highest of the two models (the other is the wider BFC 100), it is now lighter and more comfortable to use. It is geared towards more sophisticated skiers. The 2020 model is available for pre-order and should ship shortly. I've used an older version and while the heat doesn't necessarily make your feet warm, it just doesn't let your fingers freeze on very cold days.

Digital Carv Ski Trainer

Private lessons have become really expensive, so why not buy some online?

Carv is a digital ski instructor who combines one hardware that attach to your ski boots with one application iOS (the Android coming soon) providing real-time feedback on how to ski.

Initial reviews were positive, and the software was recently updated to version 2.0 with some minor hardware improvements, including a more compact battery with the same battery life.

Carv costs $ 300. This is less than a single complete private course will cost you at most resorts.

North Face Steep Patrol gloves

North Face's Steep Patrol gloves ($ 140) feature waterproof exterior cowhide leather and what North Face calls "The Future" in the future (incorporating the company's Futurelight material). Designed to fit hands Over time, they have a comfortable fit with the "Radiametric hinge" that is supposed to keep your hands in their physically relaxed position.

Trewth Bib Outfit

If you're looking for a high-tech ski trouser, Trew has a few different models to choose from. The latest version of the classic Trewth ($ 399) trousers features enhanced breathability of the Dermizax NX, which Trew cites as the world's most breathable windscreen.

The women's version of this pants is the Chariot Bib ($ 399).

Atomic Hawx Ultra Connected Ski Boots

Atomic has announced that the popular Hawx Ultra boot range will come with a Connected version with a built-in tracker that provides “state-of-the-art digital tracking and analysis capabilities through Atomic's free Mobile Connected App for instant tilt and enhanced feedback skiing experience. ”

The upcoming ski boots will feature Suunto's Movesense technology and built-in power sensors inside the liner. Based on the feedback the app gives you, you will be able to adapt your skiing technique to higher performance, improving your balance, pressure control and skills.

Hopefully we'll see them in stores for the 2020 season. We still don't know anything about pricing.


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