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Huawei increased its revenue despite excluding America


As Huawei's president announced, Eric Xu, to his employees, h company managed to earn the imposing $ 122 billion (or 850 billion Chinese yuan) in revenue for 2019.

Some time ago, h America as a result of the economic war with her China, banned Huawei products and cooperation of domestic companies with the company. Many believed then that Huawei might not succeed. However, history took a completely different turn.

This year's revenue rose 18% from last year and has set a new record for its data. Huawei sold 240 million units in 2019, a significant jump compared to the 206 million units sold in 2018.

However, the ban on USA has influenced the growth of the company. According to Xu, the figures are lower than expected. If the US blockade continues, it will create a difficult situation for the company and further hamper its growth. As Xu said, the company's first priority for next year is to survive.

While its administration Trump views Huawei as a national security threat, government officials have also consulted other countries such as India, refrain from using technology 5G of Huawei.

However, the Chinese tech giant has the opportunity to take part in India's 5G network development trials in early 2020. It has participated in other telecommunications equipment manufacturers such as Erricson, Cisco and Samsung, who will also take part in the test.

As for the company's survival, Huawei is also developing its own operating system called HarmonyOS, which will help it continue if its operating system GoogleThe Android is no longer an option for the company's devices.


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