HomesecurityWhy will Linux never die? (2019 edition)

Why will Linux never die? (2019 edition)

Because most of you - okay and us - love Linux, we present you the biggest Linux hits for 2019. Keep reading and you'll understand what we mean.


  1. IBM buys Red Hat for $ 34 billion

Η IBM acquires Red Hat, the largest acquisition of a software company ever made. It is true that IBM was one of the first supporters of Linux. It is also worth noting that Red Hat managed to remain independent despite being integrated into the colossus.

  1. Clouds in open source

A decade ago his idea in cloud had excited few. Today, IDC reports that more than one-third of all IT spending worldwide is in the cloud. As for the future, h Gartner predicts that half of global businesses will be all-in on the cloud by 2021.

What is the cloud running on? In Linux. Even h Microsoft Azure has admitted that Linux runs over 50% of Azure workloads. With the exception of Linux, the vast majority of cloud services run on open source programs.


  1. Clouds vs. open source

Open source software, by definition, has always been available for anyone to use. As it says Open Source Initiative (OSI), supported by Debian partners, Mozilla and The Document Foundation: “Without open source software, we know that development would not be possible as we are used to.

4. Clouds and Containers

Regardless of the program you run in the cloud, it is logically contained in a container. Undoubtedly, cutting-edge container technology is predominant in IT. The containers are managed by Kubernetes, the container orchestration program.

  1. Microsoft is an open source company

In 2019, Microsoft dropped its proprietary browser Edge for a new Chromium-based open source version. It also releases the Teams groupware program - believe it or not - on a Linux desktop. Microsoft also claimed that the rest of Office would appear on Linux. Microsoft also has its own Linux distribution, Windows SubSystem for Linux 2.0, which works in conjunction with Windows 10.