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Brazilians are turning to mobile apps for extra income

extra incomeAccording to a new one research, many Brazilians try to find new ways to increase their incomes, as unemployment rates continue to rise. Given its increased use technology and mobile phones, Brazilians are increasingly resorting to applications for mobile, to earn extra income.

The survey was conducted by the Mobile Time and Opinion Box. The researchers found that 32% of participants use different applications to earn more cash. Statistics show that about 12,4 million Brazilians are unemployed. This means that 11,6% of the population that could work is out of work.

According to the report, the majority of participants use digital applications to sell various products. 58% of respondents usually use applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

Brazilians also use the apps to offer various services. 21% said they make money by providing in-app services. It is their second most popular use. About 93% of participants use social networking apps, while 37% use other apps running on social networking sites. market, to earn extra income.

About 8% of Brazilians surveyed said they work for applications related to food distribution (eg in the Brazilian iFood application).

Researchers have found that most Brazilians who use apps for extra income are Women (60%). Also, 82% it belongs to the middle and lower classes of society. About 30% of people who do this job use the applications as sole source of income. Others simply use it to boost their income.

2.270 Brazilians participated in the Mobile Time / Opinion Box survey users smartphone over 16 years old.

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