HomesecurityUniversity ransomware attack: All systems offline

University ransomware attack: All systems offline

universityThe university of the city Maastricht (UMin the Netherlands announced that he was a victim ransomware attack, which took place on Monday 23 December. All Windows systems stopped working.

UM has more than 18.000 students, 4.400 employees, and 70.000 graduates. In the last two years it has been listed in the top 500 universities in the world.

“The University of Maastricht (UM) has accepted a serious one attack at cyberspace"Said the university on Christmas Eve.

“Almost all Windows systems are affected and it is particularly difficult to use services email. UM is currently trying to find a solution. "

Currently, we don't know which ransomware was used to carry out the attack. Also, we do not know if they were scientifically affected or destroyed data before encrypting the systems.

The university said more security measures are being used for the protection scientific data, however, is being researched to determine if there was unauthorized access to them.

All systems were shut down

The university said that interrupted during the investigations mode all preventive systems.

“In order to operate in the safest way possible, UM has temporarily shut down all of its systems offline. Everything is done so that students and staff can have it access systems as soon as possible ”.

The ransomware caused a great deal of damage to the university, so the time to restore all affected computers could not be calculated.

"For the same reason, it is not possible to state with absolute certainty which systems have been affected and which have not," the university adds. "This requires additional research."

The Executive Board and the Deans of Schools do everything they can to remedy the problems and provide immediate access to the systems.

The university's IT team works with outside specialists for the restoration of the systems but also for its investigation hacking attack. The Dutch authorities are also aware of the incident.

The university stresses that its priority now is to ensure that its systems are not compromised again.

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