HomesecurityStar Wars: Fake streaming sites steal credit card information

Star Wars: Fake streaming sites steal credit card information

Star WarsCybercriminals have found a new way to commit them scams and attract more victims. They are taking advantage of the huge advertising and popularity of the new film B «Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerB» and use them for to attract potential victims to fake streaming sites. Objective of hackers is to steal them data of the victims' credit cards.

The movie was released this week and the phishers decided it was a good opportunity to attract fans who would like to take a look at the new movie before going to the cinema.

New popular movies (but also servicesare often used as bait in social engineering attacks. Hackers know that there will be many people who would like to get a first taste of the movie. They take advantage of this situation and direct victims to fake streaming sites or malicious websites archives that appear as early copies of the movie.

Over 30 sites are used to steal credit card information

"Kaspersky investigators have found more than 30 fraudulent sites and social media profiles, which appear as the film's official accounts and are supposed to distribute free copies of the latest film."

In fact, the number of these fake malicious sites can be much larger.

According to her researchers Kaspersky, these sites collect users' credit card information, which users are supposed to give in order to register on the site.

The team also found 65 malicious files that appeared as copies of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The Twitter and others social networking platforms were also used by hackers to advertise free fake copies of Star Wars and malicious streaming sites.

If users fall into the trap of hackers, they will not get a copy of the movie but will infect them computers with malware.

According to Kaspersky, there are already 83 victims who have been affected by malicious copies of Star Wars.

The his fans Star Wars must be very careful

Hacking attacks related to Star Wars movies are very common. In 2019, more than 285.103 attempts were made to infect 37.772 users who were trying to watch Star Wars movies. According to Kaspersky, the rate of hacking attacks has increased by 10% compared to last year.

Kaspersky gives some tips to Star Wars fans to avoid being infected by anyone malicious software or theft of their credit card data:

  • Pay attention to official release dates movies in cinemas, streaming services etc.
  • Do not open suspicious links, promising various things, such as early screening of the new movie.
  • Check it out extension of the files you download. The file should have .avi, .mkv, or .mp4 extension, but it should not have .exe.
  • Check it out αυθεντικότητα of the site, before visiting to view or download the movie. Check if it starts with "https". Check the format of the URL, the name of the company associated with the site. Read reviews.
  • Use Reliable antivirus software.

Kaspersky's researcher Tatiana Sidorina said: "It is typical for cybercriminals and cybercriminals to try to take advantage of popular issues and Star Wars is a good example of this technique."

"As attackers manage to promote malicious sites and content in search results, followers must be careful at all times."

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