HomesecurityA member of the hacking team 'The Dark Overlord' is being tried in the US

A member of the hacking group 'The Dark Overlord' is on trial in the USA

The Dark OverlordA British hacker moved these days to USA to stand trial as he is accused of hacking of large American corporations. The British are said to have been a member of the well-known hacking team The Dark Overlord (TDO).

The hacker's name is Nathan Francis Wyatt and he is 39 years old. Found yesterday at court of Saint Louis and denied his guilt.

According to court documents, US authorities believe Wyatt was one of the members of The Dark Overlord who, since 2016, has conducted a lot attacks to American companies, he has stolen data and has demanded huge sums of money.

Where victims they didn't pay the ransom, the hacking team was selling the stolen data to hacking forums, exposing it online or paying journalists to leak it to the press and harm them Companies.

The official indictment claims that Wyatt and the other TDO members attacked healthcare organizations and accounting companies in the state of Missouri from early 2016 until the end of 2017.

Dozens of violations and attacks

Since the beginning of 2016, The Dark Overlord hackers have carried out dozens of attacks. Here are some of the most popular attacks related to the team:

  • Violation of three healthcare organizations and sale of 651.894 files belonging to patients
  • Sale of 9,3 million patient records by an unknown company offering health insurance
  • Violation of the Cancer Services Center of East Central Indiana-Little Red Door
  • Breaking Netflix and Leaking Episode 5th series of the series "Orange Is The New Black"
  • ABC Violation and Episode Leaks of "Steve Harvey's Funderdome"
  • Violation of Larson Studios, Inc. in Hollywood and theft episode episodes
  • Violation of Line 204, a Hollywood soundtrack provider
  • Violation of SMART (“Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy”)
  • Violation and leakage of data of many companies, such as: Pre-Con Products, GS Polymers, PcWorks, International Textiles & Apparel
  • Violation of Channel Ship Services (shipping company)
  • Breach of Sterling National Financial Group (insurance company)
  • Violation of AZ Plastic Surgery Center

In fact, The Dark Overlord is responsible for many other attacks. However, some of them have not been confirmed or simply have not been discovered.

The group also used Mrsome unorthodox and aggressive methods to blackmail her victims. For example, in 2018, hackers have begun to threaten Montana school students, because the schools refused to pay the ransom.

According to the indictment, in 2016 Wyatt sent threatening messages to the daughter of one of the business executives whom the team had violated.

The US indictment also confirms a 2017 Motherboard report. According to the report, Wyatt, who used the alias Crafty Cockney, was one of the team members calling and asking companies ransom.

Wyatt has had adventures in the United Kingdom as well, having been arrested by her in 2016 British police, as there were suspicions that had breached Pippa Middleton's iCloud account.

However, there was no evidence and Wyatt was released. In 2017 he was arrested again, when he pleaded guilty to 20 frauds.

Wyatt is the second member of The Dark Overlord arrested. In May 2018, Serbian authorities arrested a 39-year-old man in Belgrade.

The authorities had not given much information for this man. We do not know if he is still facing charges or has been released.

It is said that the hacking team consisted of three members and that the third member has created one forum For the recruiting new members.

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