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Vladimir Putin's computer is still running on Windows XP

Russia may try to crack everything and everyone, but Vladimir Putin himself is a little behind technological times. The Russian website Open Media reported that computers at Putin's Kremlin office and in his official home use Windows XP, the completely obsolete system that was launched in 2001. Microsoft stopped releasing XP updates five years ago. But even before the upgrades stopped (in 2014), using XP was a risky proposal.

Putin Windows

"Windows XP was released in 2001, which meant that the design and design was done in the late 90s in 2000, which was a very different world to its profiles. malware and the profiles of hackers who attacked. "Tom Murphy, then Windows communications manager at Microsoft, on CNET in 2014. "It was much simpler."

Open Media noted that Windows XP was its latest operating system Microsoft approved for use on Russian official computers. The latest Windows 10 system is only allowed for computers that do not have state secrets, Guardian said. The Kremlin has not yet commented on why Putin is using such an outdated system.

Putin, according to information, is wary of technology more generally, and has called the Internet a CIA project. Russia is making moves to disconnect from the world wide web. A new law this year set up a national network and allows Roskomnadzor, Russia's telecommunications agency, to exclude the nation from the rest of the internet. Putin also signed one law this month, according to all smartphones, The televisions and computers sold in the country come with preinstalled Russian software.


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