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ΕΥΠ - ΕΛ.ΑΣ: Truths or Exaggerations about monitoring messages?

At the initiative of Vasili Koufa, a reader of SecNews, we received an official response from Viber regarding the rumors that claim that the conversations on the messaging platform will now be monitored by the Greek Authorities (EYP - EL.AS).

Concerns among Greek users about the monitoring of top communications applications, including Viber and WhatsApp, by EYP and ELAS.


Those of you who do not know this news, We inform you that at the end of October a group of EYS executives went to England where they appeared to be watching a demonstration of an expensive surveillance system, with similar interest from ELAS services such as the Directorate of Information Management and the Counter-Terrorism Service.

The supply of these systems, which has been considered a top priority by security authorities and intelligence services, is expected to change the data on criminal disruption investigations that use 70-80% of such online applications to communicate with them.

The user feedback storm through a comment stream on SOCIAL MEDIA seems to have disturbed her colossus online contact who rushed to respond to rumors and restore his name messaging app.

Today, Viber has officially responded to how it processes and manages its user data.

The screenshot shows the company's response to a SecNews reader.


"With version 6.0, Viber has end-to-end encryption offering secure communication through voice messages, video chats, text messages, videos and images.

This means that your personal data is encrypted as soon as it is sent from your device to the recipient's device. Encryption is essentially the conversion of your message into code, the key of which only you and the recipients of your message will have. No one else, not even Viber does not have the secret key. "


What is This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. end-to-end encryption;

Messaging apps that use End-to-end Encryption are considered the most inaccessible applications that can very difficult violate a hacker. What does this mean; The data is stored in endpoints (ie by users rather than servers) and companies do not maintain the data nor can they decrypt it with a master key.

EYP- EL.AS what are they trying to accomplish?

When Viber promises end-to-end encryption how the EYS and ELAS. will they succeed in tracking users? Deals behind closed doors or inaccuracies and exaggerations for citizens to scare? What will be the users' trust - if rumors are true - about the services that protect users from electronic crime when, in the end, do they themselves adopt it? Whether justified or not, this loss has definitely put us in the thoughts, so we should always take care to protect our "online selves".

  1. We always use strong passwords
  2. We choose not to expose important personal information to social media
  3. We avoid online communication with users we do not know as they may be in violation of our accounts
  4. Often security updates of our appliances


If you need more information about the platform's privacy policy and end-to-end encryption, you can go to the following links:



* SecNews has also contacted the WhatsApp DPO and is awaiting a formal response.

* SecNews thanks Vasili Koufa for his interest and cooperation.


  1. Since the issue is very serious, let's look at what each application is.
    Viber - closed code, so it's good to have reservations….
    Whatsap - open source ONLY the encryption (it has the encryption of the signal) but the rest is closed and among other things, belongs to facebook, which alone is a joke about privacy….
    The only ones that I find most secure are Signal, Wire, Tox (Antox, Qtox, etc.) even though it still has a lot of bugs.
    If I make a mistake somewhere I am happy to correct me…

  2. How can the end-to-end company claim it all, when you send a video to a friend and tell you that the video was sent, and while his phone is off, he receives it hours later.
    Of course EVERYTHING is stored on THEIR servers and there is no conversation between 2…

  3. What I have long understood by reading and analyzing the news and what can be practically exploited, I conclude that the hardware / software acquired will be able to collect metadata for those monitored and practically not breaking end-to-end encryption. For this, in a detailed report there was also a reference to spyware Pegasus developed by the Israeli NSO Group, which if acquired can exploit application / ecosystem vulnerabilities and be able to monitor the device and its contents after exploit. Last but not least, with cloud backup there is a high risk that personal data will be exposed either because it is unencrypted and will be able to access unauthorized third parties or may be exposed to SIM hijacking attacks.

  4. Ti lete re anidei apoti thimame epidi to eida to sinedrio oi tipi espasan tin RSA 2048 kai oxi mono mesa se 1 lepto apta public key gia ta private an thimame kala gia to otan pige i eip ekei kai malakies kai auto logo enos kodosika pou iparxi ed kai 40 xronia i poso einai me mia alagi patchaki tron!
    Siga mi perimena kai kanena na paei les kai den eixan 200 prime numbers gia tin AES edw kai xronia .. LOL !!!!
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      ~ An thelete alagi kinigiste tin !!! Never Get IT WRONG!


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