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What were the worst passwords for 2019?


A team researchers recently published one list with the top passwords discovered in leaks resulting from data breaches in 2019. Researchers studied about 500 million codes in order to find out which of them was easier to break.

As expected, the researchers found that users did not follow their instructions specialists when they choose their passwords, making it easier for them hacker to guess the characters of the codes after a few attempts.

The most common password discovered in breaches was "12345", which is not surprising to researchers. In particular, 2.8 million people were found to use it. The team also ranked "123456" and "123456789" in second and third place respectively.

The password "Password”Took fifth place and as we go further down the list, we find passwords like“ test1 ”,“ asdf ”,“ qwerty ”,“ iloveyou ”etc.

"The most popular passwords contain all the obvious and easy number combinations, popular female names and simple letter strings," writes NordPass.

People tend to choose easy passwords that they often use in all of them. accounts so that they don't have to remember many different codes, which leaves them vulnerable to attacks.

If you want to check if your password has been stolen, you can visit this site, which specifies whether your email id was ever part of a violation data. If the code used is very easy or belongs to one of the above, then you are likely to find it above website.

The best solution to this problem is to use difficult passwords and choose a password manager that can store and even fill in all your passwords automatically. Alternatively, you can also set face IDs or fingerprints that are difficult to identify.


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