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AwesomeWallpaper: Video, gallery and system information on your desktop

AwesomeWallpaper is a free, open source program that lets you set video or gallery as well as your system information as your desktop background.

If you're bored with your desktop background, AwesomeWallpaper is a free open source application that can help you customize it in a number of imaginative ways. Allows you to set videos, photo folders, and system information as your desktop background

The program runs from the system tray, which is usually C, and you can adjust it by right-clicking its icon. The Settings screen is the main interface with it and consists of five tabs.

The Wallpaper type can be selected from the General tab. It has the ability to set different wallpapers for each screen.

You can set a single image or a folder of images to be rotated or a video (provided it is one of MP4, MP3, MPG, MPEG and AVI) and above all your system information.

You can read more information and get it download from here.


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