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Google: Americans trust it more than Apple about data security

Google vs Apple: New research shows that US citizens trust Google more than Apple about their data security.


We all know we are in the digital age and that means technology and the Internet have penetrated so much into our lives that almost everything is done through them. However, there is much to be done security issues mainly related to protection of our privacy. Many times we hear about violations data and acquiring companies access to our personal information for a variety of purposes.

Recently became one research in America, about safety, The encryption And the personal opinions and habits of users.

The survey involved 1,025 US citizens. The answers to the question about encryption (From where they know about encryption / Where they first heard it) were disappointing. 17,7% responded that she had heard about it on television in movies. 18% knew nothing about encryption.

With regard to data security, there were opposing views. 55,5% believe that data they are safe if they are encrypted on in cloud. However, 65,2% said that hackers they can find ways to violate users' personal data even if they are protected and encrypted.

One of the most interesting questions was: "Which company do you trust most for your data security"?

Many people might think that the participants would choose it Apple, which emphasizes that protecting the privacy of its users is a priority for the company.

Most participants, however, said that they trust Google more. In fact, Apple is not even in second place. After Google (42,6%), followed by Google Amazon (38,3%) followed by Apple (36,7%).

It is true that Apple's encryption is not perfect. However, the company's CEO, Tim Cook, strongly supports it encryption Apple and stresses that privacy is one of its strengths iPhone.

Surprisingly, most participants suggested Google as a safer company. Cook has repeatedly accused Google of not protecting its users.

With regard to encryption, and specifically to the question of which company uses it the most, the participants chose it Amazon. Google followed Apple.

This research was done by the company nCipher. The company has done other interesting researches in the past.

One question in one of the previous investigations was this: "Should the US authorities be able to crack the encryption to gain access to data that can help them solve cases?"

Nearly 27% of US participants said that the authorities should be able to do so under any circumstances. 26% said they should only be allowed to investigate criminal cases.


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