HomesecurityLifeLabs: It pays hackers to recover 15 million customer data

LifeLabs: It pays hackers to recover 15 million customer data

LifeLabsΗ LifeLabs, one of the largest diagnostic centers in Canada admitted that pays hackers to retrieve customer data, stolen during one hacking attack last month.

According to a press release, the company made the decision (to pay the hackers) after a discussion and collaboration with experts security and professionals specialized in negotiations with cybercriminals.

We do not know the exact amount of money given to hackers to recover data, as no LifeLabs representative has (at least) shared this information.

According to the documents sent to the Office of the Commissioner for Information and Privacy of Ontario and to the Office of the British Columbia,the breach happened last month, probability of 1η November.

It was an attack ransomware type, after according to LifeLabs, the hackers violated the systems company, stole customer data and then requested a ransom to return the stolen files.

LifeLabs said that at least 15 million customer data were stolen. The information stolen included: names, home addresses, email addresses, usernames, passwords, and health card numbers.

About 85.000 customers also lost their medical exam results, which were stored in the company's systems.

The stolen data it's not recent. Dating from 2016 onwards.

The company cooperates with the authorities for the investigation of a violation.

He also stated that has updated its systems and secured them, so that hackers can't get it again access (at least the same way they entered the system in this case).

"I want to emphasize that at the moment, cyber security companies have informed us that the risk to our customers of this attack is low and that no disclosure of customer data has been detected. Experts haven't seen anything in either Dark web nor in InternetSaid Charles Brown, President and CEO of LifeLabs.

Users affected by the breach can find more information in one security alert on the LifeLabs site.

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