New search service with encryption New search service with encryption is new search service promising not to follow you. Their site uses a five-step process for each search to ensure that your privacy is protected by encryption.

So we are talking about the most private web search engine.

How does it protect you?

Originally the search query is encrypted locally on your computer. Using Javascript on the client side, your search term is encrypted using the public key of the Search Provider - which means that cannot see what you are looking for and only the search provider can decrypt it. .

Immediately after public IP is hidden by proxy. protects your privacy and transfers only the encrypted search term to the search provider so that no user tracking profile can be created using IP fingerprinting.

The search provider decrypts the query and encrypts the search results

The search provider receives the encrypted search term, decrypts it and then finds the search results. The results are then encrypted with the public key, so only your browser can decrypt the results.

The encrypted results are returned via the proxy

The search results are returned to the browser via proxy, so the search provider doesn't communicate directly with you.

Finally, the results are decrypted locally on your computer

The search results are decrypted from your browser using JavaScript.

The service code is open. So with published code, everything is open to scrutiny by anyone interested.

The site and extension of the service are developed with open source technologies and can be easily controlled and improved through a project coming soon.


In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows