HomesecurityBug fix in Chrome 79 deletes application data

Bug fix in Chrome 79 deletes application data


Its release Chrome 79 for devices Android, has stopped by Google after several reports indicating that it is deleting data from third-party applications. As it turns out, there is a bug in the new Chrome 79 update that is causing problems in third-party applications that use WebView extensively. It is not yet certain how many applications have been affected by this new bug, however Twitter is an application that uses the Google platform.

This bug appeared when updating from Chrome 78 to Chrome 79. In the process, Google changed the location of the Chrome directory.

The company released a statement last week admitting it was wrong in not moving the contents of LocalStorage or WebSQL to the new Chrome 79 directory, which resulted in the data become inaccessible to all of them users.

LocalStorage and WebSQL

LocalStorage and WebSQL are storage mechanisms through which a website or web application stores data in device (in the Chrome directory profile).

While some sites use LocalStorage or WebSQL, most prefer to use database servers to store user data. However, both LocalStorage and WebSQL are popular on mobile devices and are widely used by mobile app developers.

Today, many Android applications run on a site that is located inside the WebView component. These applications rely heavily on LocalStorage or WebSQL to store user settings and data locally, rather than storing them in a single location. server.

The error in Chrome 79 resulted in these applications losing access to all the files and data stored in the old LocalStorage and WebSQL folders in Chrome 78. Now, some users have lost data, settings, files and even access to their accounts.

A patch is getting ready for release soon

Google developers are currently working on an update to fix the data transfer process, but it may already be too late for many users.

Unfortunately, the update has already reached about 50% of the Android userbase, which means a lot of damage.

Still not sure if the data in LocalStorage and WebSQL have been completely lost. However, there are some cleaning applications that may have deleted them.

Users are currently advised not to install Chrome 79. However, if you have already installed it you can only wait for its release patch to solve this problem.

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