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Everything you need to know about ATM Hacking

An extensive research report published last year reveals that most ATMs can be hacked in 20 minutes or less. Even more frighteningly, the 85% of ATMs tested for research allowed one intruder to access the network and another 58% had vulnerabilities in the network elements or services that could be exploited to control the ATM remotely. location.

All this simply means that ATMs are much more vulnerable than we thought. Considering that they not only possess huge amounts of cash but also contain valuable user data, this can be a very scary thought.

We searched the Dark Web to see what information is available about the various ATM accident strategies. We found a variety of information on the various strategies and tried to incorporate the basics in this article, in the hope that it will help readers better understand what is out there and how to stay safe.


1 Method: ATM Malware Card

This is probably one of the most popular methods used by ATM hackers to exploit vulnerabilities. There are sites on the dark web that provide the client with the entire malware kit, which includes the ATM Malware Card, the PIN Descriptor, the Trigger Card and a Guide.

Once the malware is installed on the ATM using the Malware ATM card, all customer debit card information can be downloaded from the machine. The hackers then use the Trigger card to distribute them cash from the ATM. Overall, this is one of the most popular methods on the dark web and is accompanied by quite detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to execute it. This method is supported by machines that run Windows XP.

2 Method: USB ATM Malware

This is another prevalent method for machines that support Windows XP. It allows hackers to distribute all cash from the ATM using the drive USB hosted with Malware software to infect the machine.

3 Method: ATM Hacking Devices

There are many Skimmer ATM shops on the dark web that offer various Hacking ATM devices such as EMV Skimmer, GSM Receiver, ATM Skimmer, POS, Gas Pump, Deep Insert and more. Many stores together offer a package of these different devices.

These devices have a number applications. On the one hand, there is a special category of Deep Insert devices attached to ATM machines to export sensitive financials information of users. At the same time, there are some packages where the attacker does not need to be physically present at the ATM to install malware. Devices such as Antenna allow hackers to execute their attacks remotely, making it much more difficult to locate the perpetrators.

These stores are available on the dark web and continue to be updated with the latest Appliances, such as terminals, upgraded Antenna, specially designed ATM Skimmers, RFID Reader / Writer and so on.

4 Method: Prepaid Cards

There are dark web shopping sites that offer both Bank Fullz and physical bank cards on their platform. While Fullz cards are used for electronics transactions, physical cards can be used in ATMs. Some sites also offer prepaid credit and the price of the card is obviously commensurate with the balance available on the card.

5 Method: Training Seminars and Case Studies

There are various real-world seminars and case studies available on the Dark Web forums. For example, there is a detailed one seminar in a hacking forum that analyzes how bank accounts can be compromised using Botnets. Many tutorials containing detailed instructions on how to hack an ATM are also available for sale at various Dark Web stores, usually available at 100 dollars each.

6 Method: Ploutus-D

Ploutus-D malware has been used in recent ATM attacks. Malware compromises important components of a well known multi-agent ATM software and gains control of the devices hardware such as cash dispenser, reader cards and the pin pad. This means that each hacker can distribute all the cash to the machine in a matter of seconds. The Ploutus-D source code along with detailed instructions are now being sold in various markets on the dark web.


It's hard to imagine that ATMs that are part of our daily lives can be really vulnerable to attack. However, as we saw during the investigation, ATM hacking is becoming more common, especially with the availability of devices allowing hackers to access ATMs remotely. Since banks usually have the same configuration on a large number of ATMs, a single successful attack can usually be replicated on a much larger scale.


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