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Home security Maze Ransomware flattens a popular cable company

Maze Ransomware flattens a popular cable company

Maze Ransomware, a variant of Chacha Ransomware used in many recent hacking attacks, is responsible for the attack on Southwire, the company that manufactures home and industrial cables, products, portable and electronic cables, etc. for more than North America's 50%. It is a leading cable company with more than 7.500 employees.


The attackers violated company data and demanded a ransom of about $ 6 million (859 BTC) for the secure release of the data, which is expected to be released should the company fail to pay the required amount.

Maze Ransomware was first discovered by Jérôme Segura, a security researcher at Malwarebytes in May. Since then, malware has gained mass popularity and is constantly becoming more active. When organizing various campaigns malspam, it was found that its subsidiaries are substantially more dangerous.

On Monday, about the time the company's website was attacked by ransomware, administrators found a message posted on Imgur requesting 850 BTC ransom from the company.


"The incident has disrupted our ability to manufacture and transport our products," said Jason Pollard, a company spokesman.

“The safety of our employees, the quality of our products and our commitment to our customers are very important to us. Today, we will restore our breached systems online, prioritizing manufacturing and shipping functions that allow us to create and ship our products. Our security specialists are dedicated to restoring all systems and bringing all our employees back to work safely and quickly, ”he added.


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